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Alison Hazel
10 July 1989
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I have been a lurker in various fandoms for a few years now, and I love watching TV.

I am hooked on quite a few series, and I follow them closely. I love everything I watch.

I tend towards slash, and almost my entire fandom life has been dedicated to reading slash fanfiction.

Fandoms: American Idol, Generation Kill, Glee, Harry Potter, Hawaii Five-O, Inception, Merlin, Sherlock (BBC), Smallville, Supernatural, Star Trek, Suits, Torchwood, White Collar

Read: Nightrunner series, NARC series, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Swordspoint 'verse, The Time Traveler's Wife

Watch: The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Castle, Doctor Who, Generation Kill, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-O, Leverage, Merlin (BBC), Modern Family, Sherlock (BBC), Southland, Suits, Supernatural, Torchwood, White Collar

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